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What areas do you cover?

We have supplied glass to people and businesses all over the uk. We install our products all over scotland; if you live in a regional area we can supply our products by courier. To discuss this in further detail call us on 01324 610 610.

What colours can you paint glass splashbacks?

We have created a standart range of colours for your convenience these can be found in our showroom or online using our colour glass design software. We can also colour match to any RAL code or Dulux colour. We have a swatch box situated in our showroom with a range of 1400 colours. As an extra you can add rainbow or silver sparkle to any colour. Try out colours on our Colour Designer.

Can I have powerpoints of light switches in the glass?

Yes, this is no problem, as this is taken into account when we measure to allow for cut outs in the glass. Please ensure these are all fitted prior to measuring.

How do I care for my glass splashback?

We recommend for best results to use a streak free glass cleaner and a good quality paper towel or lint free cloth. Avoid abrasive or harsh cleaners eg. scowering pads or steels wool, avoid using spirits or solvents to clean the glass.

What shapes are available?

Glass panels can be cut to almost any shape of size. There are occasionally limitations where the joins occus because of size, or shape. Most splashbacks are either a rectangle or t piece. These can include corner cut outs, centre cut outs, socket cut outs and holes. We can even cut to match curned range hoods.

Are there standard sizes for splashbacks?

There are no standard sizes for splashbacks, we custom make every single splashback to suit your home. With a maximum of 3210 in length and 2400 in height. Sizes may be restricted due to access.

How should my walls be prepared for the glass?

The ideal surface is a smooth plasterboard finish or equivalent. Splashbacks can also be installed onto a range of other surfaces, providing the area is true, clean and dry. The area should be prepared as if it is to be painted.

How can I pay?

We accept Visa and Mastercard; you can also pay by cheque or cash or directly into our account.
All splashbacks supplied by AJ Glass are manufactured at our factory.

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